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[one_half last=”no” text_align=”text-align-left”][service icon=”fa fa-cog” title=”Master Planning” position=”right” fx_effect=”fade-from-left”]We at GERETTA give full attention when it comes to formulating a master plan, making detailed notes of the client’s dreams, goals and ambitions for their project. We will formulate a guideline with our experience designers to come up with a master plan that satisfies both the client as well as the customers as a whole.[/service][service icon=”fa fa-architect” title=”Architectural Design” position=”right” fx_effect=”fade-from-left”]At GERETTA, We transform visions and space into structures and environments that engage the senses, stimulate productivity and inspire the spirit of all who enter. Working closely with our clients, we create architectural statements that are equal parts personal and functional.
Our design services include the preparation of Architectural, Structural, Sanitary, Mechanical and Electrical designs including landscape design etc. of all kinds of buildings. Various numbers of passionate and creative professional Architects and Engineers will make up a design team for the preparation of designs. The involvement of the client at various stages of the design development is ascertained prior the completion of the design, so that the final design output meets the client’s needs in every respect.[/service][service icon=”fa fa-camera” title=”Contract Administration” position=”right” fx_effect=”fade-from-left”]This part of our service could exist before the construction stage and during the construction stage. Before the construction stage, GERETTA could assist customers choose appropriate contractors for the execution of the construction works and prepare the appropriate contract for the two parties to sign. During construction, GERETTA will administer the construction contract so that construction could be completed on time, without disputes and on budget.
In all projects, our integrity for the profession is our paramount importance.

[one_half last=”yes” text_align=”text-align-left”][service icon=”fa fa-desktop” title=”Pre-Design Solutions” position=”left” fx_effect=”fade-from-right”]We at GERETTA Consult give a pre-design solution to its clients. Such services are rendered to help our clients choose a site or location, advice on budget set limits, type of architecture for specific locations, type of services expected etc.… for a project they intend to realize, among other related advices.[/service][service icon=”fa fa-apple” title=”Project Supervision” position=”left” fx_effect=”fade-from-right”]Once designs are complete, GERETTA continues giving services on construction stage. The construction of buildings requires a continuous supervision, so that when the building is finally constructed it will absolutely serve its intended purpose. Professional Civil Engineers with extensive experience and knowledge will be assigned on building construction sites. Progress of the work will be monitored. Workmanship and work execution according to designs will strictly be supervised. Customers will receive progress reports in formats easy to understand.[/service][/one_half]

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